The antivirus scans is one of the safest ways to keep your computer or mobile device safe, keep in mind that good antivirus software is the main security feature of any device.

But you may be wondering, which of these antivirus scans is the best? Is there any difference to note between these three scans?

Your antivirus works unnoticed in the background of your entire operating system, taking note of every single file and application on your system.

antivirus scans
antivirus scans

In the event that any file is modified, the antivirus comes into action to know exactly what these changes are not harmful to the device.

Another trick that our antivirus has are the so-called antivirus scansknown to be behavior analysis, to evaluate the existence of a virus or harmful file.

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If any file tries to perform certain activities on any system, the antivirus will proceed to place that file in quarantine to protect everything else.

It is there at this precise moment that the antivirus scansand in this post we will talk about these and when it is necessary to use them.

Different Types of Antivirus Scans You Should Know About

Most of the antivirus software that we can find on the internet will offer us between two and three different types of antivirus scans.

In general, we can say that these options that we have at our disposal are the following:

Full antivirus scans

A full antivirus scan Carry out a thorough review of your entire system, both inside and out.

Depending on the type of antivirus you are currently using, it will proceed to scan the following parts of your device:

  • All hard drives, removable storage and network drives
  • System memory (RAM)
  • System backups
  • home folders
  • Records, among many others…
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It should be mentioned that this type of antivirus scans It usually lasts a few hours, and this will depend on the number of files found on your system.

On the other hand, we recommend doing a full scan every week or at least twice a month, to be totally safe.

Custom antivirus scans

The custom scan offered by any kind of antivirus offers you a kind of in-depth scan rather than a full-type scan; you will only have to choose the locations to proceed to scan.

But not only this, these types of antivirus scansyou will be able to choose what kind of units you want to analyze and those that you don’t.

Make use of a custom scan to better analyze all of your individual drives, which means it’s ideal for removable storage drives.

Fast/Smart antivirus scans

First of all, we must point out that a quick scan only scans locations, where it is very likely that some type of malware can be found.

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Second, some types of antivirus software they only look for those files that have undergone some modification since the last scan.

Between the other two types of antivirus scans, it is very good to put it into practice daily; this would not take much more than a few minutes to complete.

How can you realize there are three kinds of antivirus scanswhich you can take into account to clean your computer and free it from any kind of virus that is on it.

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