There are ways in which we can send anonymous whatsapp messages, but yes, we must take into account that in order to send messages by WhatsApp we must have the account linked to a telephone number.

What does this mean? Well, there is no way to send an anonymous message on WhatsApp, although of course, there are ways to hide our identity so that the person receiving it does not notice.

Anonymous WhatsApp messages
Anonymous WhatsApp messages

We must tell you that if you want to have as much anonymity as possible, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is a very bad idea.

But don’t worry, in this post we show you some ways that you can use, in order to send anonymous messages on whatsapp.

Here we will show you how you can send anonymous messages on whatsapp, and all this process will be carried out using a virtual telephone number.

Send anonymous messages on WhatsApp through a virtual number

The best way to send anonymous whataapp messages, is to make use of a virtual telephone number; because we will use a number that is not ours, we will be able to send messages more calmly.

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It should be noted that this virtual telephone number is real and is provided by a web page, and we will have the possibility of being able to use it for free for a few hours.

The website we are talking about is called «hushed«Although it is paid, you can use the platform for three days and it has no cost.

Hushed for Anonymous WhatsApp Messages

To send anonymous whatsapp messages, we are only going to have to choose the country that the same website offers us, and proceed to create our own WhatsApp account.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent way to be able to send anonymous messages, without the receiver being able to obtain our personal telephone number or our information.

Twilio to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp

twilio is another of the applications that offers you the option of making use of a private telephone number, and making use of them for a while.

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Twilio for Anonymous WhatsApp Messages

It is worth mentioning that we cannot use them to call, but it does offer you the option of being able to send messages; which offers us the option to activate a WhatsApp account temporarily.

There are two ways to send anonymous whatsapp messages, are the safest found on the internet, so you can be totally calm and safe when using them.

Keep in mind that there are many applications that offer you the option of being able to send anonymous whatsapp messages, but these could simplify a possible theft for our personal data.

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