Microsoft had a busy 2021. The company released Windows 11 . It also added a bunch of unnecessary stuff to the Microsoft Edge browser, making it that makes it difficult for us to recommend it To anybody. Seriously, Microsoft is adding so much to your web browser that it starts to feel like a bloatware .

Edge will give you a loan

This is arguably the strangest addition to Edge in 2021. If you make a purchase between $ 35 and $ 1,000, you can use a option buy now, pay later directly from the browser . Sure, many websites offer this as a form of payment, but having it built into the browser just feels bad.

Buy now pay later Edge

Presumably Microsoft is cutting back on these transactions, so it’s easy to see why the company is offering it. But it seems completely unnecessary from the user’s perspective.

You can track prices

Honey is a very popular browser extension for track prices . Anyone who wants to use it (or any other price tracking method on the web) can easily install it in the browser of their choice. Or they just use Edge because Microsoft tracks the items you look at and informs you if there is a price drop .

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Edge Shopping Features

The company describes as an aid to “relieve some of the stress by helping you keep an eye on the products you’ve recently viewed and alert you to price changes,” but it’s probably just a way for the business to get some affiliate income from your browsing habits.

Has a lot of free MSN games

If you want to take a trip down memory lane to the days of playing games on MSN, you still can. But what if Microsoft were a great button in your browser that takes you to tons of free games? You are probably wondering why you would want that.

Edge Games Dashboard
Reddit user Leopeva64-2

Well, wonder no more! Microsoft is currently testing a gaming feature in Edge which will quickly link you to a bunch of games you probably don’t want to play. This feature is still in testing, so it may not make it to the final version of the browser, but it seems to be on its way.

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Edge will show you product reviews

There is no shortage of product reviews on the internet. Our sister site, Review Geek, does a great job reviewing the latest devices. There are all kinds of browser extensions and tools within search engines that will allow you to search for product reviews if you wish.

Edge shopping

Microsoft has decided embed reviews directly in Edge , which comes in handy when shopping, and another seemingly unnecessary piece of bloatware when you’re not.

Office in the browser

Microsoft Office is an excellent tool for those who use it. For those who don’t, having it built into the browser level is another unnecessary feature to turn off or ignore. When it is part of the contextual menu from Edge , it’s almost impossible to avoid it, and it seems like it’s just a way for Microsoft to sell you a Microsoft 365 subscription.

He even does math

When the

Here’s another feature that doesn’t need to be part of the browser. It could easily be an extension or a bookmark that you visit. Is it cool that the browser can do calculations ? Sure, but more stuff is also added to the browser that only a few people will use.

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Not all is bad

Outside of the annoying features that could easily be added to the browser with extensions, Microsoft added some great things to Edge as well. Edge 93 added tab groups , which makes browsing the web that much more enjoyable for tab hoarders. This year, super safe mode came out , which is ideal for those concerned about privacy. There are a lot of good things to say about Edge.

Then there is the saga of Microsoft that does everything the possible to prevent people from changing to other browsers . Between that drama and the fact that Microsoft appears to be turning the browser into a machine designed to generate as much revenue as possible, 2021 wasn’t Edge’s best year.

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