The operating system of Windows 11 brings as a main novelty a great redesign in every sense, Google Chrome It also has some changes in the application intended for the latest version of the operating system of Microsoft, and today we will show you how to activate it from your PC or laptop with a previous version such as Windows 10.

How to activate the Windows 11 layout in Google Chrome

If you want to have a design of Google Chrome cooler and more modern with rounded corners, today we bring you a simple tutorial that will allow you to have such a design on PCs or laptops with the version of Windows 10, this without downloading Chrome Canary; To activate such a design must be the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have the version of Chrome 96 installed, to do this go to Settings> Chrome Information> If there is an update, the update found will be downloaded and installed, after this you must restart the browser.
  2. Once the Chrome 96 version is installed, go to the address bar and go to the following address: “chrome: // flags” (without the quotes),
  3. In the Search option, write Windows 11,
  4. You will get a single option with the name of “Windows 11 Style Menus”, you will find the option in “Disabled”, you must click and give the Enabled option, restart and this will be all.
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Chrome with Windows 11 layout
Chrome with Windows 11 layout

It is worth noting that this function has been available since the update of Chrome 96, which was launched yesterday and that also brings important improvements such as the function that will help to make better use of the cache to have a better performance when the user makes use of the back or forward options during navigation, this if well it is true makes a greater use of memory but Google promises that it will pay off for a better user experience.

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