Perhaps at some point you have come across when doing a search in some of your favorite search engines, the famous unsafe websites.

On many occasions this occurs for the simple reason that some of these websites, they make use of the HTTP protocol and not the proper one, which is HTTPS.

Unsafe websites How to access
Unsafe websites How to access

Browsers to ensure that such websites transition to the HTTPS protocol.

Which is much safer than the previous one, to ensure this they restrict access to these sites warning all users that it is not safe to enter.

Despite making use of the HTTP protocol, there are still websites that you can access, but as we have already mentioned before.

When entering these web pages you will be able to see a Chrome message, where it tells you:

  • “Your connection is not secure”
  • “Your connection to this website is not secure”

But in case you still want to enter these unsafe websites, then in this post we will show you a way in your favor to achieve it.

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Learn the ways to access unsafe websites in Google Chrome

Try to access these from Chrome unsafe websites can be a big problem as you will always get the warning from Google that it is not safe.

In addition to the fact that on many occasions you will not even have access, or you will be able to extract information from said web pages.

Generally, you could enter unsafe websites, but if you can’t, it may be due to a problem with Google itself.

But don’t worry, below we offer you an easy and simple way to access without any problem the unsafe websites from Google Chrome.

Disable “Unsafe Websites” warnings

If you are one of those users who visit these websites on a regular basis, you will like the possibility of going to the browser settings to disable these annoying warnings.

To do it correctly, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Proceed to open Chrome on your computer
  • In its address bar, just type chrome://flags and open it
  • You will be able to observe a series of options in your favor, you just have to write in the search box “Safe”
  • In the search results, you should get “Insecure origins treated as secure” and find out if it is disabled, if so, you just have to enable it
  • And ready! restart your computer
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It should be noted that after having carried out the steps that we have mentioned, the browser will proceed to identify the unsafe websites.

Despite the fact that Google continues with its struggle to ensure that websites on the internet make use of the HTTPS protocol, despite these there are still thousands of unsafe websites which we cannot access normally.

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