Recently it happened to me to get by car from Sochi to Tyumen. The road is 3 days, boring things, there is nothing to do in the evening, I forgot to download movies to my phone, here the free 4K Video Downloader program came to the rescue – it downloads videos and music from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and other services, in order to view them offline later. You stop in a cafe with fast internet, download it to your laptop and move on. What a “fast” Internet in roadside hotels, I generally keep quiet.


The program is free (there is a paid version, but later on), cross-platform and in Russian, i.e. will run on macOS, Linux and Windows. Sharpened mainly for downloading from YouTube, but there is also support for other sites, like Facebook and SoundCloud, from where I download all the music.

Just copy the video / music link to the clipboard and click “Paste Link”.

We select the video format (mkv or mp4), resolution, subtitles (if any, or automatic translation from English) and where to save the file. Everything is intuitive. Click “Download”, a window with current downloads will appear.

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Current download

You can run the downloaded file directly from the program interface or find it in the downloads folder.

Download the entire playlist at once

In addition to downloading a single video, you can download the entire playlist at once. Just copy the link to the clipboard (Ctrl + C) and click “Paste Link”. This is how I often download themed music selections from YouTube. Several audio formats are available: mp3, ogg, m4a and bitrate selection. Select “Extract Audio” if you want to download only music.

Music from YouTube

And in a similar way, I download thematic collections of video clips.

Download video

And all this can be done in the free version of the program, which is what I use.

Smart Mode tool

This mode is good because you set the necessary parameters for downloading video (quality, subtitle language, video format) once.

  • We select the video or audio format. I recommend mkv for video, mp3 for audio.
  • Quality. For video, there is support for maximum quality 8K, 60 fps. For audio, the maximum bitrate is 320kbps. I recommend setting the value “best quality” so that the program itself chooses the maximum quality of the video and song.
  • Whether or not to download subtitles and select the subtitle language. There are several options to choose from.
  • The default folder where to download all files.
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I set it up once and forgot.

Subscription tool

A convenient option that downloads new videos from your YouTube subscriptions without the need to constantly monitor videos. All videos and music can be viewed offline.

We just copy the links to the channels to which we are subscribed, set up a smart mode, and you don’t have to go to YouTube at all.


You can delete or edit everything right there in the subscriptions.


All optimal settings for stable operation of the program are installed by default. But there are nuances.

  • Download intensity (1-7 streams simultaneously). I use 1 thread to avoid getting banned. If you use a proxy, you can safely bet on 3 streams.
  • Log in to your Youtube account. This is necessary to download age-restricted videos and private content.
  • Proxy. I advise you to use a proxy when downloading videos intensively. Again, so that the service does not ban your ip-address.
  • Download speed without restrictions with a fast Internet channel or according to your capabilities, without prejudice to the work of other applications.
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Free and premium version

For most, the free version of the program and the ability to download videos and music in one stream will be enough.

But premium adds a few features: youtube subscriptions, YouTube HQ audio support, no ads, and up to 7 simultaneous downloads (proxy required).

  • Personal premium – 999r., 3 simultaneous downloads. It is bought 1 time and is valid without time limit.
  • PRO – 2500r., 7 simultaneous downloads and can be used for commercial purposes. Bought forever.


The program is fast and easy to use, and most importantly, it is FREE. To work on an “industrial” scale, you must use a proxy and purchase a license.

The free version contains almost all the functionality.

Download 4k Video Downloader at official website… And in the comments write what applications and browser extensions you use and why.

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