5 ways to delete photos from an iPhone or iPad

Today, we use the mobile for everything. One of the main functions is to use it as a camera and it is not uncommon for photos and more photos to accumulate in our gallery. In addition, surely in it you also have photos and videos that your contacts pass you on WhatsApp.

There is nothing more annoying than having taken the perfect photograph with your iPhone and getting the alert message that you don’t have enough free space to save it. You can fix it passing photos of your smartphone to your pc or directly eliminating them.

To delete photos from an iPhone or iPad, you can trust a software What Gemini Photos Or do it manually with one of these 5 different ways: one by one, several at a time, all at once, permanently or from albums. We will also explain how to recover them.

Option 1. Delete photos from iPhone individually

You just took a photo but it came out blurry. Or maybe you want to get rid of a screenshot that you took at the time but no longer need. Be that as it may, surely learning how to delete a photo from your iPhone will be useful at some point.

1. Open the app ‘Photos‘from your iPhone or iPad to access your albums. Next, open the album where the photo you want to delete is located; in our case, ‘Reel‘.

2. We touch on the option ‘To select‘in the upper right corner and select the photo we want to delete.

3. Now, we touch the trash can icon in the lower right corner and confirm the action by selecting ‘Delete picture‘.

The deleted photo will be moved to the ‘Deleted’ folder, where it will be stored for 30 days, after which it will be automatically deleted permanently. We can also delete it forever ourselves as we will explain later.

Option 2. Delete multiple photos from iPhone at once

It may be the case that, for example, you are cleaning and you no longer want to have images and videos from last summer on your iPhone. Then what do you do? The easiest solution is to delete multiple photos at once.

1. Go to the app ‘Photos‘and select the folder where you have saved the photos to delete. The most practical thing is to do it from the ‘Reel‘.

2. Next, tap on the option ‘To select‘in the upper right corner and select all the photos you want to delete from your iPhone or iPad.

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If you want to delete one or more rows of photos, simply slide your finger over the photos you want to delete. You will see that the process will be much easier and faster.

3. Finally, hit the paper bin in the lower right corner and confirm the action by tapping on ‘Remove X photos‘.

In this case, the deleted photos will also be moved to the ‘Deleted’ folder and will remain there for 30 days. After this time, they will be permanently deleted automatically.

Option 3. Delete photo albums from an iPhone

Did you create an album long ago that you don’t want to keep? Tired of applications like WhatsApp or Instagram automatically saving all your photos to an album? Solve it now with the steps that we indicate below.

Note that this trick does not work to remove the default albums – ‘Reel’, ‘Favorites’, ‘People’, ‘Places’, ‘Videos’, ‘Selfies’, ‘Bursts’, ‘Captures’, ‘Streaming’ or ‘Deleted’. In these cases, you should refer to the two previous options.

Also, these steps are only for deleting albums. The photos will remain in the ‘Camera Roll’ folder on your iPhone.

1. In the app ‘Photos‘, scroll down to find the section’My albums‘.

2. Tap on the option ‘Edit‘in the upper right corner. A red circle icon should have appeared in the upper left corner of each album.

3. Tap on the Red circle of the album you want to delete, in our case ‘WhatsApp’ and confirm the action by selecting ‘Delete album‘. Finally, hit ‘okay‘.

Option 4. Delete all photos from an iPhone at once

You have just decided that you are going to make a clean slate and, for this, you want to delete each and every one of the photos and videos that you have saved on your iPhone or iPad. Following one of the steps above is too cumbersome, so what can you do?

Here are three ways to delete all the photos at once, but for this you will need to use the Google Photos application or a computer, be it a Mac, a MacBook, a Windows laptop or a PC.

Delete all photos from Google Photos

The Google Photos application can not only be used as a cloud storage service – where you can save a backup copy of your images and videos – but it also offers the possibility of deleting all your photos from your iPhone.

1. Once you have downloaded Google Photos From the App Store of your device, open the application and give the app permission to access your photos by tapping on ‘Let‘.

2. You will then be able to set up your account. Make sure the option of ‘Backup and sync‘is activated and that the associated Google account is yours. When everything is correct, hit ‘Ready‘.

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If you want to add a different Google account, click on the arrow, followed by ‘Add Account‘. Tap on ‘Continue‘to be able to log in and finally log in with the Gmail of your choice.

3. When you have an Internet connection, a backup will begin. Keep in mind that this may take a few minutes, depending on the number of videos and images you have stored in your Photo Library.

4. To delete all photos, tap on the three horizontal lines, followed by gear icon to access the ” menuSettings‘.

5. Choose ‘Device storage‘and tap on the’ buttonFree up space‘.

Confirm the action by tapping on ‘Remove‘. This will erase the images and videos from your device but you will still have access to the files in your Google account thanks to the backup you created in step 2.

6. Deleted photos and videos will be moved to the ‘Deleted’ album on your iPhone or iPad. Simply follow the steps in ‘Option 5’ below to permanently delete those files.

Delete all photos from a Mac

All Macs and MacBooks have the Image Capture program installed, a very useful application to easily delete all the photos from your iPhone forever.

1. Open the app ‘Screenshot‘from the’ folderApplications‘.

2. Simultaneously, connect the iPhone to the Mac with a 30-pin connector cable -iPhone 5s or earlier- or a Lighting connector cable -iPhone 6 or later-. In you smartphone, give to ‘Trust‘and enter your unlock code.

3. Automatically, a new window will appear to import the files from your iPhone to the ‘Image Capture’ program. Click on ‘Import all new photos‘.

4. Back in ‘Image Capture’, you will be able to see all the images on your iPhone. Select them and click on the forbidden icon that you will find at the bottom left.

5. Finally, confirm the action by clicking on ‘Remove‘to permanently delete images from your iPhone.

As an alternative resource, you can use the iPhoto or Photos application -depending on the version of macOS you have-, but this program is not as fast to delete photos from the iPhone. On the other hand, with it it is easier to recover them if you delete them by mistake.

Delete all photos from a Windows computer

The process of deleting all photos and videos from an iPhone at once can also be done from a Windows computer.

1. Plug the device into a USB port on your PC, either using a 30-pin cable -iPhone 5s or earlier- or a Lighting connector cable -iPhone 6 or later-.

2. It is essential that you unlock your smartphone and that you give your computer permission to access the image gallery of your iPhone, so hit ‘Let‘.

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3. Then go to ‘This team‘and click on your device – in our case called’Apple iPhone‘-, followed by ‘Internal Storage‘.

4. Open the folder ‘DCIM‘and go to the folders you want to delete their photos from. In our case, we only have one folder, but if your iPhone has more, you will have to delete the photos from each of them.

5. Select all the photos in the folder -or folders- and right-click. In the drop-down menu, click on ‘Remove‘.

6. Finally, confirm the action by clicking on ‘Yes‘so that the photos are permanently deleted.

Option 5. Delete photos from iPhone permanently

You have already deleted the photo or photos that you do not want to have saved on your iPhone, but they still take up space. Why? The answer is probably in the ‘Deleted’ folder.

After deleting an image -or video-, it is transferred to the ‘Deleted’ folder. Only when it is also deleted from this folder, we can say that the photo has been completely deleted. Follow these steps to permanently delete images.

1. Open the ‘Photos‘from your iPhone or iPad and locate the folder’Removed‘from your albums.

2. Tap on the ‘buttonTo select‘at the top right and select the photos you want to delete with your finger.

3. Finally, hit ‘Remove‘at the bottom left and confirm the action by selecting’Remove X photos‘when you’re sure you do. Photos cannot be recovered.

Alternatively, you can delete all the photos from the ‘Deleted’ album at once by following these two easy steps:

1. Once inside ‘Photos‘, open the’ Deleted ‘folder and hit’To select‘.

2. Now, touch the option ‘Delete all‘from the bottom left and confirm the action by selecting’Remove X photos‘. Please note that this action cannot be undone.

How to recover iPhone photos from ‘Deleted’ folder

When your photos are moved to the ‘Deleted’ album, they can still be recovered up to 30 days after deletion. After this period, they will be automatically deleted permanently.

1. Open the app ‘Photos‘from your iPhone or iPad and locate the album’Removed‘.

2. Next, tap on the option ‘To select‘in the upper right corner and select those photographs that you want to have in your’ Camera Roll ‘again.

3. Finally, hit ‘Get it back‘bottom right and confirm the action by selecting’Get it back X photos‘.

Alternatively, you can recover all photos from ‘Deleted’ album at once.

1. In the app of ‘Photos‘, open the’ Deleted ‘album and tap on’To select‘.

2. The option of ‘Retrieve all‘should appear at the bottom right. Tap on it and confirm the action by hitting ‘Get it back X photos‘.

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