people think about TikTok as an “anything goes” platform, but that’s far from the truth. There are some very soft words that will get you in trouble if you use them. It may surprise you how innocent some of them are.

censorship has been a concern on TikTok for years, but it’s not just about politics and minority groups. Certain words are prohibited in comments and private messages. Other words are not officially banned, but using them will greatly reduce the number of people who will see your video.

The result of these forbidden words has resulted in a kind of new language. Creators say things like “seggs” and use emojis ( ) instead of words. It’s a very interesting side effect of heavy-handed moderation. Let’s take a look at some of these words that people can’t use.


It’s no mystery that cigarettes are bad for you. There’s a reason they have a Surgeon General’s Warning on the box. However, many people still smoke, it is part of their daily life. However, TikTok doesn’t like you saying the name of these perfectly legal cylinders.


It’s amazing what changing one letter in a word can do. “Thick” is a word that refers to the thickness of something. thick ” means something else, which has resulted in the innocent “thick” being banned along with it. You can’t even use it in private conversations.


This is where things start to get really crazy. You can’t say the word “dead.” This is a word you’ll hear on Sesame Street, but it’s not allowed on TikTok. Is it a funny word? No, but neither is it an inappropriate or vulgar word.


Here is another innocent word that has been dragged into the sewer. Yes, some people use “hole” to describe certain parts of the body, but it also has a much broader use. Should a word be banned because of how it is used in unintended contexts?

Anatomical Terms for Reproductive Organs

The last one we will mention covers a few different words. Rather, these are scientifically and medically accepted terms for the reproductive organs. The interesting thing about these words being banned is that their slang counterparts are not.

There are many euphemisms that are allowed, but some of the widely accepted terms that I would even teach young children to use are not. Then there’s the case of “Dick,” which obviously has a certain meaning, but is also just a common nickname for “Richard.”

These are just some of the most amazing things you can’t say on TikTok, but there are plenty of other words and phrases that are banned as well. Some terms are not fully prohibited like common swear words, but you may receive an infringement warning or your video’s audience may be restricted.

Of course, there are some things that they should be prohibited, like hate speech, and they are too. A little moderation is necessary and good. When your censorship is more extreme than basic TV things may have gone too far.

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