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So you just got a new iPhone, congratulations! Whether you got it from a friend or gifted it to yourself, you might be wondering where to start. Let’s run through a list of fun and useful things to do with your new Apple device.

Upgrade to get the latest features

You probably want to start taking pictures with your new camera and downloading games, but many of your device’s best features may be hidden behind a software update. Even if they aren’t, these updates add stability and security fixes, so it’s a good idea to install them as soon as possible.

Download and install the iOS update

Connect to your Wi-Fi and go to Settings > General > Software Update to update your device to the latest version of iOS . The download can take a bit of time, so you can do more fun things while it completes in the background.

Activate your Apple TV+ trial and watch some HDR videos

Every new iPhone comes with a three-month free trial of Apple TV that you can activate by opening the TV app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone. If you deleted the app in a hurry, you can download it from the App Store again.

Some Apple TV+ programming

You can login to your account with your Apple ID credentials from any other device (including smart TVs and laptops) to enjoy the content there. But by far one of the most impressive features of the latest iPhones is the HDR displays they can achieve. levels brightness maxima from 1200 nits on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

Redeem your Apple Arcade trial and play some games

In addition to your Apple TV trial, you also get a test apple-arcade which also lasts three months. You can redeem this by opening the App Store and tapping on the Arcade tab at the bottom of the screen.

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Some Apple Arcade games

Apple Arcade is an all-you-can-eat subscription service that provides access to exclusive, high-quality games. There is something for everyone, including trivia games and answers What SongPop Party , rhythm action titles like Taiko no Tatsujin , remakes of retro classics like The Oregon Trail and modernized iPhone favorites in the form of Tiny Wings + Y Jet Pack Joyride + .

Many titles allow you to play with a controller, so you can connect a controller to your iPhone and play with your PlayStation or Xbox controller .

Note: Both Apple TV and Apple Arcade trials will revoke service when you cancel the trial, so now may be a good time to learn how to use iPhones Reminder app and set a reminder to cancel the test just before you are charged.

Record a cinematic video

Both iPhone 13 and 13 Pro include the ability to record in cinematic mode, which allows you to create “filmic” videos with a smooth bokeh and smooth focus transitions. You can even edit your video after you’ve shot it to further fine-tune your focus pulls before editing or sharing your clips.

To access this mode, launch the Camera app and swipe until you see Cinematic Mode at the bottom (or side) of the screen. You can now press record to track subjects, adjust perceived aperture, and more .

Get familiar with photographic styles

Photo Styles are new to iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, and they let you customize the look of your shots before you even take them. This works a bit differently than simply shooting with a filter, as the iPhone makes adjustments to the image processing pipeline rather than changing the look of the image “in post”.

iPhone Image Processing Pipeline

This means that important details, such as skin tones, are preserved even as contrast and saturation are increased in other parts of the image. May change photo styles in the Camera app touching the corresponding icon.

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Do you have an iPhone 13 Pro? Take some macro photos

If you have an iPhone 13 Pro (there will be three camera lenses on the back instead of two), you can take photos in macro mode. This allows you to get up close to subjects thanks to a very small minimum focusing distance.

Tim Brookes

The iPhone 13 Pro does this using its ultra-wide camera, a lens option missing from the iPhone 13. The default iOS camera app will automatically switch to macro mode whenever you get close to a subject (something that can disable if you want ) .

Grab a fast charger or MagSafe

You’ve probably noticed that your new iPhone no longer comes with a power adapter in the box (but you do get a cord load USB-C ). You can use this cable with almost any USB power adapter or laptop, and you can use your old iPhone charging cables and adapters to charge your iPhone as well.

But if you want to take advantage of your iPhone’s ability to charge fast (up to 50% capacity in about 30 minutes), you’ll need to buy a fast charger What Apple’s 20w USB-C adapter .

Starting with iPhone 12, Apple devices have been able to take advantage of enhanced wireless charging with a MagSafe charger . These chargers provide 7.5w of power, compared to 5w for standard Qi chargers, plus they latch on due to their magnetic nature (and they also work with MagSafe cases).

Download or create some shortcuts

If this is your first iPhone, you may be interested in learning how to create or use time-saving workflows in the Apple Shortcuts app . You can use this application to create simple or complex workflows or download ideas others have shared .

iPhone Shortcuts App

also can use the app to create automations, like automatically changing your wallpaper or performing certain actions when you launch a specific app. we have gathered some cool automations to get you started .

Perfect your home screen and control center

Since Apple added the app library to the iPhone In iOS 14, you no longer need to rely on endless folders and pages of apps to find what you want. Now you can go completely app-less if you want and have a home screen full of widgets.

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iPhone widgets

Widgets show you interesting or useful information at a glance . This could be the weather, recent notes, your upcoming calendar appointments or a random memory from your Photos app. You can take this concept one step further and create custom widgets (with transparent backgrounds if you like) to make iOS your own in a way many iPhone users couldn’t even dream of a few years ago.

Must also customize Control Center to show you the most useful shortcuts. You can add buttons that allow you to access features such as the apple tv remote , voice notes Y screen recording .

iPhone 13 Pro? Put that LiDAR scanner to use

The iPhone 13 Pro has a LiDAR scanner that uses a laser to build a 3D representation of the world around you. This feature greatly improves the performance of augmented reality (AR) in applications such as Google Maps and games like Angry Birds AR or Smash Tanks .

It can also be used for create stunning 3D scans of the world around you using apps like polycam . You can share them with the rest of the world or simply keep a 3D record of your favorite places to remember them for years to come. You can use Polycam on a standard iPhone which also lacks a LiDAR scanner, but relies on standard photos so the results may not be as impressive.

Wireframe view in Polycam
Tim Brookes

It’s worth noting that your device’s camera already uses its LiDAR scanner to improve autofocus performance in low light by measuring the distance between you and the subject you’re pointing at.

Don’t forget to protect your iPhone

To keep your iPhone in top condition (and maximize your resale value , if that’s something you might be interested in), you should buy a case and keep it protected as soon as possible.

If you still don’t trust yourself, consider signing up for AppleCare+ to extend the coverage and include a flat rate repair cost also for accidental damage.

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